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 In 2008 we started an exciting new off-road racing series based in South Jersey. The NEOC was formed by a group of dedicated off-road riders. Our goal was to create a fun, family oriented series with a mix of competition and total commitment to producing the finest off-road events in the North East (quite possibly the country). We are focused on the youth of today to help secure a good tomorrow for them and their families.

We hold our events in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and are always looking to expand our territory. Our courses are a mix of woods, MotoX, rocks, mountains, enduroX, sand & roots. We offer some of the best terrain to hone skills and challenge our off-road riders. We have a class for every level of rider. From the very beginner to the most experienced and the youngest to the oldest, there is a place for you with us.

All of our events are held in a 2 day format.  Saturday is for the youngest and newest riders and Sunday is for the older and most experienced racers. Our races offer a legal, structured and safe environment for a family to go ride and be together as a unit. We are a non-profit organization that is governed by the NJ State Police Racing Control Unit. We work hand in hand with all local municipalities, state police and promote community participation.

The NEOC SERIES is an Adult, Youth and Pitbike Harescramble Championship Series. We have added the "Tikes on Bikes" program to our schedule of events. This is a teaching program for the little guys that are not old enough to race yet, so when it is time for them to start they will have some knowledge and experience to give them and their parents a much safer and fun time at the racing events. We also have started a "Tutor Time" program to teach the newest and youngest racers a few skills they will need at each event. Both of these new programs have become a huge success and a MUST SEE!

We have many dedicated staff, volunteers and great sponsors on board with the NEOC organization to make this the best racing series it can be. We look forward to the future of the NEOC series and what it holds for us. Our children are the future of our communities and only together as a family unit will we be able to guide them down the right trail to a better future.

On behalf of the NEOC Family we thank you for allowing us to be part of your community.

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