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Ashleys Race Blog

First, let me begin by apologizing. At the last race my Dad called me saying that at least 20 people asked him when I was going to post my blog. Since school and cheerleading has really taken off again, I haven't had all the extra time and haven't been able to be at all the races. So anyway, even though I posted later than usual...
Cumberland County Fair Grounds 2-
My weekend started Saturday morning at 8:00am when I had to be at Morris Knolls High School to cheer for a football game. Thankfully, my coaches let me leave at half time because I told them I had to be at a family event. (The family event being the race of course!)
Around 10:30am Joe Rodriguez, a family friend, came to my house to pick me up and we were on our way to the race. I have to say, I was a bit nervous to drive almost 3 hours with Mr. Rodriguez, but it turned out just fine. When we arrived at my family's camp site my brother, Brandon, was getting ready for his race. I can't even explain how it felt to finally be at the race. Since it was my first race after the summer break I was extremely excited to see everyone! All the races that afternoon into the night went great! I don't think any major injuries occured, which is always good to hear. Over by my camper was a small dirt jump that seemed to attract a good amount of boys on bicycles. It seemed like fun, although you wouldn't have caught me over there:) The real talk of the night was the band. My camper was stationed as far away from the gates as possible, almost on the street, and we could hear the band from there! Many people grabbed some food at the food stands (very convenient) and enjoyed the band. On the other hand, some people were cold, like me, and sat around fires. After awhile Jared, my brother, and I got bored of my Dad, Mr. Rodriguez, and Mr. DerKinderen talking so we headed over to the McCollough's camper. To my surprise, their camper was filled with about 10 boys. One of those boys being Mark Ricker, who thought it would be a good idea to pants Chris Gordon. Chris, being the "smart" one, ran out of the McCollough's camper and after Mark. So if you happened to see Chris Saturday night running around in his boxers, thats why:)
The night came to a quick end and the next morning was nice and chilly. Nice and chilly meant two jackets, knee high socks, jeans, Uggs, and gloves for me. Everyone else seemed content in a light sweatshirt, where I was freezing! The youth race took off and I just stood to the side taking pictures and shivering. About 2/3 of the race was over and Chucky announced that the white flag was wasn't supposed to be and they ended up confusing alot of people as well as riders. Hahahaha
After the youth race, I knew I'd be leaving shortly so I just hungout with Jared and had some food until it was time to go. Overall, the weather was nice and I didn't hear of any terrible injuries all weekend. What a great weekend!!!
Monster Buck 2-
This was one of the races I was unable to make it to but by what other people told me it seemed like a pretty "scary" race. Halloween....camper to so many great costumes...collecting candy!!!! What a great idea! And let me tell you, my brother came home with a huge bag of candy. I really wish I could have been there. But of course I had cheerleading everyday of the weekend :(
Not only was it Halloween and people were having a great time trick-or-treating, but I heard that alot of people had a pretty good race! Lots of surprises in the placings. Can't wait for the banquet:)
See you all soon!!!
Round 7- Cow Patty 2:

-Once again on a Friday my family began driving out to a NEOC race. Two weeks ago that Friday drive was 6 hours, thank god this time it was only 2 and a half hours. I love going to the races the only thing I ever dread is the drive.

-We were heading to Cow Patty knowing that it was supposed to rain, and as we were setting up our pop-up camper it began to drizzle. Once everything was all set up the fun began. About six or seven people and myself headed over to play Hicker Horse Shoes. The games is the same as Horse shoes except its played with motorcycle tires. I got frustrated fast because I couldn't throw the tires very far and all the boys could. In the middle of us all running around it started to pour. That night the rain didn't stop.

- There was a little bit of a scenery change being across the street from where we were last time at Cow Patty in May. Most of this weekend's track was in the woods which was different, and made it difficult for some people to get pictures or videos of their favorite racers.

- All of Saturday's races had good turn outs! All of the riders seemed to have an awesome time, but all the excitement was after all the races. At night there were all types of games, thanks to all the moms who organized all of the fun events. From Hicker Horse shoes to Redneck Volleyball, everyone was participating in all types of games and having a blast! Once the game with the water balloons was over the older kids took the extra balloons and had a water balloon fight that I got caught in the middle of thanks to Jared! Another big hit was the ice cream stand. I donít think I ever saw it without a line!

- Sunday morning, I woke up and my mom told me to look at the valley behind the camper. There was just this huge fog. I think it looked pretty cool :) The youth race started and I started taking pictures. Once the youth race was over I finished up my interviews, and unfortunately had to leave.

- EVERYONE: Have an AWESOME summer and get some practice in! Oh, and donít forget to check out Cow Patty 2 interviews!!! Troy Abel, Desirae Shaw, Barb Steele, and Nathan Bell!

Ashley :)

Round 6- Rock Run:
-   Friday around 2:30 my family got into the car and began driving out to Rock Run. What was supposed to be a 4 hour drive ended up being a 6 hour drive because of road construction on Rt. 80! It was honestly the worst car ride ever! With a little brother bugging you for your ipod every five minutes and two pretty big dogs who couldn't sit still it felt way longer than 6 hours.
-   My weekend truly started at tech inspection. Eric and Nic DerKinderen worked their butts off banging stakes into the ground and getting everything set up. We had some technical difficulties that were unable to be worked out, but still continued on with our day.
-   There was a small dirt jump over by tech inspection that seemed to keep alot of kids happy on Saturday before the pee wee race. About twenty kids were out there with their BMX bikes having a great time.
-   3:00PM on Saturday had rolled around-The ten second count was made and my heart was racing. The first line in pee wee took off and I ran into the woods with my camera in hand. As the riders came around a cloud of dust covered me. After an hour of snapping pictures of all the pee wee riders, and getting covered by their roosts the race had ended.
-   Pit bikes took off, and I took a fair share of pictures.
-   Saturday night was a beautiful night! There was a nice breeze that kept everyone outside, and happy. Over by where the start was, a parent football game was going on. It seemed like they were having a great time, and kids were still at the dirt jump with their BMX bikes. If you weren't participating in the football game, or watching the kids on their bikes then you were sitting outside infront of a campfire.
-   Sunday Morning- Did anyone get any sleep? There wasn't just a storm, there was a massive thunder and lightning storm. If anyone had experienced what I had in a pop-up camper you would understand why I was so tired on the starting line. The race went well. Again, I took a good amount of pictures, and I don't think anyone got seriously hurt all weekend, just a few bumps and bruises here and there.
-    Interviews: For those of you who don't know, Noel asked me to take over one on one with the riders. It has been a great experience for me getting to know more people, and understand racing a little better.
-   I began by interviewing Jeff Hall, who races on Sunday mornings, bright and early in the AA Youth class. This race had been a good turn out for him, taking a 3rd in his class.
-   Then I interviewed Chris (Flash) Gordon, who also races on Sunday mornings in the 14-15 85 class. Rock Run was one of his best races this season, taking a 1st in his class and a 3rd overall.
-   The night didn't end just yet! Ten other kids and I had this crazy idea that we wanted ice cream, so we all hopped into the back of my Dad's truck that already held a KTM 65, and headed to Sheetz. If only I had my camera with me to take pictures of the looks people were giving us. It is still a wonder to me how we didn't get pulled over by the police. Let's just say that was an interesting trip to Sheetz.
-   That was only one race...I can't wait to see what happens at Cow Patty 2!
Ashley :)

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