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FAQs...As we get more ?'s we will post them.
Q: What is a Ghost Rider?
A: A Ghost rider is basically when you are racing for riding time. You will NOT receive an award. You WILL be pulled from results (Lady T will have Ghost riders results set aside to see where you finished). You can ONLY ghost ride up. You can NOT ghost ride down, meaning you can not ride in a division below the one you are currently racing for points, ex: If you race Main you canít ghost C.
Please, if you are ghosting, let all parties involved at registration know that you are ghosting said class.

Q: Industry & Mechanics Class
What qualifies you to race in this class?

A: 1.) You must be an A or B level rider.
2.) You must have a rider in the main event that needs to be pitted.
3.) You are in the business; ex: mechanic, shop owner or sponsor
4.) You must be 30+
This class was designed from the need of parents/adults that have a child/rider in the main event now so they can no longer race because they must pit for said child/rider. We want to keep this fun and fair. We do not like to turn any one away because we know this is for fun and that is why you are here, however, this class is still a points paying class and we have to take everyone into consideration and keep things fair and the same across the board.

Q: Do I need to belong to the AMA to Race the NEOC?
A: No you do not have to belong to the AMA. We have a great private insurance company. Alot of our rules are the same as AMA we are just not AMA insured.

Q: Is my Transponder from other racing series compatable with the NEOC Scoring System?
There has been issues with scoring a race when racers use transponders from other racing series. We recommend that you either buy or rent a NEOC transponder. This will eliminate any problems with scoring. We also do not recommend the reflashing of our transponders at other events as it may cause an issue when we try to reflash it back to our scoring system.

Q: Can I keep my riding number from previous year or from another series that I am racing?
A: Yes you can keep your previous number but it must be renewed by deadline date or it becomes available to others. If You have a number on your bike from another racing series and it is available in our series then you may have that number.

Q: How do the transponders work?
A: Your transponder will be assigned to you and your rider number. Example. If you are in the adult series and ride #1, your number will read on the screen 1A. The A stands for adult, Y for youth, etc.. but you do NOT have to put the letter on your bike, it is just for data base purposes.

Q: Where do I mount the Transponder?
A: The transponder MUST be mounted horizontally. It CAN NOT be fastened to any metal or alloy object. You must mount the transponder from your chest to the front of your motorcycle. Example. Zip tied to the front of your chest protector, transponder inserted in a non-conductive insulator such as rubber tubing.

Q: Do I have to be a member of the NEOC or a club to race?
A: You must purchase your NEOC Number Competition card to qualify for year end points and banquet. It will cost $35 annually. 100% of that fee goes to the year end NEOC banquet. You do not have to belong to any club to ride an NEOC event. You do not have to purchase an NEOC competition card if you just want to race adn not qualify for year end points.

Q: Do you have to buy a transponder every year?
A: No. Once you purchase your transponder you can use it year after year.

Q: If I ride the harescramble series and the pitbike series will I have the same number on both bikes?
A: Yes, this is what we want you to do. It will aid in sign ups and make it easier for everyone all around. Besides, everyone gets to know you by your number so all the spectators will recognize you out on the pitbike course.

Q: Since the events start on Saturday afternoon, when will the gates open?
A: Some events will open on Fridays & others will be Saturday morning. Keep posted to the the schedule of events on the website.

Q: How much will the gate fee be?
A: $5 per person. We want to keep this as affordable as we can.

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