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Tips for Bike Care & Racing

Send us your Best tips to share with everyone.  

  • Sportsmanship: A Race is only for a day but Friendship & Fellowship is a Life time!
  • New Bike: As a new season is coming up a lot of us will getting new motorcycles. Remember guys, when you get a new bike this bike should be pulled apart and all the bearings, bushings, steering head, swing arm, all moving parts with bearings should be greased. New bikes just don't come greased well enough. This will positively save you money down the road if you do this. Also check all bolts and nuts to make sure they are tight when you service your machine.
  • Air filters- I feel this is the single most important thing you can keep well maintained on your machine. It is the life line to your bike. If you allow dirt or any kind of impurity to pass your filter into your engine death is near!! 1. Get a few spare air filters & a quality filter oil. 2. Take your spare filters and oil them thoroughly then place them in a large zip lock bag ready to use when needed. 3. Make sure the ENTIRE filter is fully covered with the filter oil. 4. I myself use a grease to put around the leading edge of the filter that goes up against the air box. 5. CHECK YOUR FILTER REGULARLY!!
  • Suspension: We feel that proper suspension setup is much more important then a supped up motor. Example: Before taking my 100 or 85 and put a 112 kit in it, I would put my money on suspension and getting the bike to work right with the riders weight and condition. This will allow you to be faster in all areas and be able to ride faster for longer.
  • Muddy Races: A few great tips for muddy races. 1. Duct Tape around the top of your boots helping to prevent water and mud from getting down in your boot. 2. Purchase an extended mud flap visor for your helmet or do what I do and duct tape an old clear goggle lens to extend your visor. 3. If you find yourself in deep water(and I don't mean trouble) try not to pin your bike wide open because this will, of course, draw more water into your air box and filter. 4. Watch the AA and fast guys go through deep water and very muddy technical sections, these guys always pick their lines and take their time in these areas, WATCH THEM and LEARN!
  • Very Dusty Conditions: This is where most bikes meet their death. 1. Make sure your filter is heavily oiled and installed properly. 2. Purchase some filter skins to have in your goody bag and put them to use when you find yourself in these condition. 3. Like we stated before, if you are getting dirt and impurities past your filter into your engine, DEATH IS EMANATE and so is the money in your wallet! 4. A tip a buddy of mine uses is a messy one but I see how it can work in very dusty conditions...he sprays a filter oil on the under side of the seat near and on the fender area by the air box intakes, that does help collect a lot of dirt and dust in very, very dusty conditions. Any thing that could help make your bike survive in extreme conditions is a good thing.
  • Goggles: Our goggles of choice are the roll-off system but any system is fine. The most important system is the one that keeps the goggles ON YOUR FACE NOT AROUND YOUR NECK!! I have a few different set ups with goggles for different conditions. 1. the roll off system with a single anti-fog lens we use for normal racing and riding conditions. 2. Practice goggles so you don't use your race goggles (very important) 3. Rainy/foggy condition goggles (you know the day you can't keep your goggles from fogging no matter what you do) this is what we do, I have 2 special pair of goggles just for these conditions: first, a double pane lens with the roll off system & with a few tear off over that for the start. If you can only have 2 pair of goggles then have 1 pair with a single pane anti fog lens and 1 pair with the double pane lens. The double pane lenses are awesome in those foggy, rainy day conditions.
  • Chains: There are a lot of different opinions on chains, especially for youth bikes. Heres mine: A top quality O-Ring chain is a MUST! People say they rob power from a 65, etc... but a top quality O-Ring chain, for me, is worth its weight in gold. I use D.I.D professional O-Ring chain. You can find these in the 420 & 428 size for most youth bikes. I use these on CRF80 4 stk, 65s, 85s, 2stks, etc... These chains only stretch very little the first ride. After that you won't have to tighten your chain all year. For Parents, This is a God sent! Not to mention, a chain that doesn't stretch a lot is much more friendly to your sprocket. The best time to lube your chain is after it is warmed up from riding, but ANY time is a good time if your chain is dry. I personally use a top quality chain wax, it seems to collect less dirt on the chain.
  • Cleaning Bike: Before you start cleaning your bike make sure you seal off your air box openings (I use duct tape) Also an exhaust plug for your pipe. I myself do not use power washers. If I do use one I try not to concentrate the spray onto the swing arm and linkages or any areas where the water could force its way into your bearings. Cleaning products: I use these every time I clean a bike, it is very important not to allow these harsh chemicals to dry on your bike. It will corrode all aluminum and tarnish their finish. So keep your bike wet while you are working on this, if you must walk away while you are washing your bike then make sure you rinse it down before you go. 

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