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The NORTHEAST OFF-ROAD CHAMPIONSHIP SERIES (NEOC) is implementing new transponder system for 2008 racing season. Just like anything new, it’s important that you take the time to become familiar with some of the details of the system.
About the Transponder - Our transponders are manufactured by Texas Instruments – the leader in transponder technology. The transponders are EXTREMELY durable, made from a polycarbonate material, requiring virtually zero maintenance, requiring no batteries, and having an infinite life. They can be covered with mud, or completely hidden with layers upon layers of duct tape and still have full reliability at the checkpoint. When issued, they will already be programmed with your rider number, and as you change classes, either during the year, or from season to season, you will only need to have the transponder reprogrammed with your new rider number.
Scoring - In the NEOC it will be the riders’ responsibility to ensure he’s been
scored. A remote display is available at all events, displaying the rider number, the
class, his current standing, and how far he’s behind the nearest rider in his class.
You’ll know you’ve been scored when you see your information on the display.
The Checkpoint – The transponder is detected when the rider passes the "gate" at the finish
line. There may be a penalty for running into the "gate" at the finish line. We expect riders to do their part in helping us keep a quality, reliable system.
How fast can I ride through the checkpoint? – To ensure a proper backup and for the safety of both the Riders and the scoring personal all riders must use caution at the checkpoint. A series of turns will be Implemented to make sure riders pass through at safe speeds. The scoring area is a yellow or caution area! It will be marked as such. This means no passing or racing through this area. We are going to try to have a transponder check station that will be located near the start area & Tech and all riders are encouraged to conduct this self test to ensure their transponder is mounted and is being read properly, rather than discover problems at or during race time.
Does the transponder differentiate between me and another rider? – The system is easily able to differentiate between riders at the checkpoint, regardless of how close they are together. Riders will go through the checkpoint single file, so there’s no problem with proximity between riders.
What happens if I forget my transponder at home? – We will always have additional transponders available at signup, allowing you to rent one for the day. There will be a $20 charge at signup but you will be allowed to return it before the scoring team leaves that weekend for a $10 refund if you wish. Do not expect a refund after the weekend you rented it.
**** IMPORTANT ****
Where should I mount my transponder?
Regardless where It’s mounted, it Must be mounted cross-ways, horizontal to the ground and it WILL NOT WORK IF IT’S MOUNTED ON OR AGAINST METAL. WITHOUT QUESTION THE BEST PLACE IS TO TIE-WRAP OR ZIP-TIE IT ON THE FRONT YOUR CHEST PROTECTOR, We want you to mount the transponder from your chest forward to the front of your motorcycle. This will make it all in the same for everyone!
An alternative location is to mount it to the front fender While it might seem logical to mount it to the crossbar pad, this is not a good location.
The pads are prone to rotate, bringing the transponder in contact with the metal handlebar clamps. If you do mount this on your crossbar pad, MAKE SURE YOU PUT A HOSE OR SOME TYPE OF RUBBER OR NON-CONDUCTIVE MATERIAL AROUND THE TRANSPONDER. Slide the transponder in the rubber so its about ¼" in from the outsides of the rubber tubing at each end.  
In all cases, be sure the transponder is VERY securely mounted. Use extra zip-ties or duct tape.
Remember, the transponder is YOURS, so take the extra time and effort to ensure you don’t lose it.
Be sure to make some pass through the test gate prior to race time to confirm readability.

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